14 Simple Ways To Practice Self Love | Lifestyle

Alright, so it’s Valentine’s Day! Also known as the day you should spend my cherishing, loving and pampering the most important person in your life! Now, all social medias say that this person is your other half, but I’ve discovered the true secret of this holiday. See, they all have it wrong! You, my friend, are the most important person in your life. In light of that realization, I decided to compile a list of my best 14 ways to practice self love for the wonderful date of the 14th of February. Check it out!


Happiness by Andy Cope | Spoiler-Free Book Review

This book was sent to me from the lovely guys over at The Book Publicist, and I’m honestly so grateful for having received it- I don’t know how I would’ve came in contact with it otherwise. It was a really interesting read, written in a quirky, unique way (that I really enjoyed, so it’s all good here!) and it touches some hugely important points! Enjoy the post!