Wakanda Forever! | Black Panther Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Not even gonna try to lie about it- prepare for a bunch of gushing. I finally watched this, and I sure have some thoughts! Side note, this won’t follow the format of my book reviews- since it’s a movie- but I’ll adapt it to fit! I hope it’s not confusing. Oh, and I’ll try a new way to deliver the rating. Let me know if you like it! Let’s jump right in.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Spoiler-Free Movie Review

As you might know, on the 14th of this month I watched the newest Star Wars movie and man- was that a good movie. It was actually quite difficult to rate- I knew it wasn’t going to be a clean 5/5 (from a reasoning explained below), but I knew it was really close. I couldn’t decide between a 4 and a 4.5, so I made a compromise with myself. Enjoy day three of Blogmas!