On Passion

What do you think of when you hear the word passion? I, for one, think of a cup of tea drank in front of a floppy paperback- maybe read while huddled in a blanket. I think of the ah! moment of solving my way through a difficult math problem. This past May, at the Apulum festival, my perspective on passion has been strengthened and widened.


My Liebster Award

Lately, everybody and their mothers have been tagging me to do this challenge (it’s actually only been four people, but that’s a lot for me). I decided to jump in on this crazy train and see where it leads! Read to find out!

March Favorites

As you might know, I’ve been wanting to do this for the entirety of March- well, here it is! A compilation of my March favorites. I can say that for me, the last four weeks have made for quite a good month. A lot of new products in so many categories that can be blogged. Beauty, books, tea- all that jazz.

‘This Time Next Year’ Tag

Earlier today, I was tagged by a wonderful blogger (her links are inside) to do this challenge! The rules do mention having to write a reflection post in another year. I had to set a reminder. Hopefully, I won't forget. Hope you enjoy! Remember, if you want to take this challenge up and I didn't tag you, all you need to do is hop on board!