This Time Next Year Tag Repackaged | Miscellaneous

So, fun fact, I was supposed to have written and posted this by the 26th of March… only I kinda got caught up in homework, K-Dramas and reading, and that didn’t end up happening. It’s here now, though! Let’s pretend it’s on time! Here’s how this works: one year ago, I wrote a post setting some goals for the following year. You can find the post here. It’s mentioned in the rules that I need to check in a year after publishing that post, so here I am! I’m checking in.


Update Post, My Plans For Andrea’s Nirvana & One Year Blog Anniversary!

I know I’ve been a little absent this past week; I’ve had a math competition this past Sunday and it took a whole lotta energy out of me. (Beware, I have another one two weeks from now… it’ll be a trip!) It went well, but it’s the reason behind my inactivity. The only posts that have been going up were posts I scheduled a while back, but I’m back now! I’ll try to write as many posts as I can tonight!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Spoiler-Free Movie Review

As you might know, on the 14th of this month I watched the newest Star Wars movie and man- was that a good movie. It was actually quite difficult to rate- I knew it wasn’t going to be a clean 5/5 (from a reasoning explained below), but I knew it was really close. I couldn’t decide between a 4 and a 4.5, so I made a compromise with myself. Enjoy day three of Blogmas!

Blogmas Announcement & Table Of Contents

Hello, all! I come to you with an announcement- as mentioned in my December update post, I’m doing blogmas this year! I’m really excited! As I progress through Blogmas, I’ll link the posts below so you can access them all more easily- this post will either go pinned on the homepage of this blog or as a pinned tweet until Blogmas is over.