Where Have I Been? | Update Post

So, let’s cut to the chase- I’ve been pretty much inactive over the past two months, with the exception of blog tours here and there. How did this happen? Exams, school, stress and other extracurriculars, to be precise- they were the ones that took up most of my time. A bunch of stuff happened, some of which I’ll write about, and some of which I’ll gloss over.


This Time Next Year Tag Repackaged | Miscellaneous

So, fun fact, I was supposed to have written and posted this by the 26th of March… only I kinda got caught up in homework, K-Dramas and reading, and that didn’t end up happening. It’s here now, though! Let’s pretend it’s on time! Here’s how this works: one year ago, I wrote a post setting some goals for the following year. You can find the post here. It’s mentioned in the rules that I need to check in a year after publishing that post, so here I am! I’m checking in.

Hello, March! | TBR & Monthly Goals

So, we’re headed into March already, huh? Despite the fact that a while back, I decided to stop setting myself monthly goals or, as far as bookish things go, a monthly TBR, here I am. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the wish to write one! I have quite some Things happening in March (following the theme of February, there are the obligatory Math and English competitions), so I have set myself some goals. Here we go.

February Wrap-Up & Favourites | Bookish Things & Lifestyle

Today’s post is, as you can see from a title, a wrap-up & favorites post, where I’ll talk about the books I’ve read and products I’ve tried out or music I’ve listened to that I really loved! It also works as a sort of content organizer, where you’ll see what posts I’ve published and you can catch up with my other socials. Let’s jump right in!

14 Simple Ways To Practice Self Love | Lifestyle

Alright, so it’s Valentine’s Day! Also known as the day you should spend my cherishing, loving and pampering the most important person in your life! Now, all social medias say that this person is your other half, but I’ve discovered the true secret of this holiday. See, they all have it wrong! You, my friend, are the most important person in your life. In light of that realization, I decided to compile a list of my best 14 ways to practice self love for the wonderful date of the 14th of February. Check it out!

I Want To Be John Green When I Grow Up | Lifestyle

Over the course of the last few days (weeks? didn’t really keep track of them), I have been watching quite a few Vlogbrothers videos- I had constantly heard about them and their projects (mostly Crash Course, which I do highly love since I’m a proud nerd). As you might have known, uni is a thing that stresses me out quite a lot these days, as I’m planning to switch from what I’m currently studying and get a fresh start. However, I've managed to find something to give me hope. Read more to find out about it.

What I Got For Christmas / Hello 2018 | Lifestyle

Hey, guys! I’m alive and kicking, well into the year of 2018! Let’s fill this year with personal achievements and positivity, okay? I’m here with (and for) you, so let’s make the best of it! As the first post for this year, I figured I’d bring some proper closure to my impromptu blogmas series: a compiled What I Got For Christmas and (since we’re starting out the new year) a tiny Hello 2018. Enjoy!