Bullet Journaling

My school year ended. And what does that mean? More free time! What am I doing with said free time? Falling back into my bullet journaling habits- and I couldn’t be happier about it. Read on for my tested tips and approaches!

what is minimalism? definition aside, minimalism is different to everybody. to me, it’s a lifestyle that i’m working towards adopting- at least partially. just like any other lifestyle, it's built up around a few main elements.

Week One of #MeditationMonth

A while ago, I made a challenge and told you guys I'll be keeping a track of it. I did do it, but my blog posts got a bit out of hand and I wasn't able to post it! That being said, I have reconsidered my choice and decided I can't really keep you updated on here. Continue reading to find out how the first week went!

Dear April

Goodbye, March- hello, my dear April! Hello, spring! I already know April is going to be one of those hit-or-miss months. I have a few things happening and altogether big plans for the next few weeks. Hopefully, they’ll turn out okay.

‘This Time Next Year’ Tag

Earlier today, I was tagged by a wonderful blogger (her links are inside) to do this challenge! The rules do mention having to write a reflection post in another year. I had to set a reminder. Hopefully, I won't forget. Hope you enjoy! Remember, if you want to take this challenge up and I didn't tag you, all you need to do is hop on board!