How I Discovered Manga

It was a few weeks ago when I first picked up a manga and actually read it. It was an amazing experience! I could actually finish the volume in about half an hour, so I knew I was going to have to return to the series- it’s a thing I still need to work on, but it’ll happen! Enjoy day nineteen of #ABJ!

How To Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh – Book Review

This will be less of a book review and more of a rant, since the book we’re discussing today is more of a self-help book. I’ve read this book way back in May, but until today, I just couldn’t bring myself up to writing it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not because I didn’t enjoy it, but more so because I didn’t figure out how to around it. Enjoy day seventeen of #ABJ!

5 Pet Peeves Every Reader Faces

Reading is one of the most pleasing experiences a human can partake in. Most of the times, it’s lovely and requires little to no stressing about anything else other than the task at hand- a wonderful tome to get lost into. However, I think we can all agree that there are certain things regarding the wonderful activity of reading that can be messed with, in order to diminish the said pleasure. Enjoy day fourteen of #ABJ!

Real Talk: Reading In Summer

You guys seemed to enjoy the Real Talk: Spoilers post! That's exactly why I'm bringing you another from that ranty series! Reading during summer is a tricky task, and this post is the exact one I've wrote to address the matter. Hope you enjoy day thirteen of #ABJ!