Truth Seer by Kay L Moody | Spoiler-Free Book Review

Today I’m bringing you quite a special post- when Kay got in contact and asked me to read and review this by its release date (which, as it so happens, is today), I honestly didn’t know if I could make it- but I did, and I’m quite very happy that it happened. This is now officially one of the series I’m most excited for, and I will definitely want to stay in the universe and keep up with the story as it goes on.


Book Simulator by Chris Yee | Spoiler-Free Book Review

I’m coming back to you with yet another review- this time, it’s the lovely Book Simulator by Chris Yee. This post is part of a blog tour whose poster I'll leave below- please make sure to check out the posts of the other creators! Let's get started.

America Uber Alles by Jack Fernley | Spoiler-Free Book Review

Today I'm coming back with a book review! I know I posted a lot about a week ago and then not at all after saying I was back, but worry not- I hit some speed bumps but this blog is still going strong! This time, I have another blog tour of yet another lovely book- as always, make sure to check out the other creators that took part in it (see the poster below). Let's get started!

Bed 12 by Alison Murdoch | Spoiler-Free Book Review

Today's post is going to be another review! This time, we're looking at Alison Murdoch's Bed 12, as you can tell from the title. It was a very eye-opening read, with a unique writing style and an important message. Before we get into the review, I want to mention that this post is part of a blog tour- as always, I'll leave the poster right below for you to check out the other creators. Let's get into it!

The Things We Learn When We’re Dead by Charlie Laidlaw | Spoiler-Free Book Review

Today’s post is going to be a review! Whew, haven’t written one of these in a hot minute. Before we start, I’ll include my usual disclaimer. I’d like to start by thanking the author, Charlie Laidlaw, who was kind enough to send me a copy. However, please keep in mind that the following opinions are my own and that the review is honest. Great- let’s get into it!

The Gathering by Bernadette Giacomazzo | Spoiler-Free Book Review

Today’s book is quite exciting, and the series it comes along with is definitely promising and something I’ll be looking out for, in the future. First off, though, the trigger warnings for the book (cause as much as I don’t give out spoilers, this is something to look out for): graphic language and offensive slurs, a non-explicit rape scene and a lot of violence (which, I mean, they’re all kind of included in the package of a dystopian novel of this caliber).