Hi, I’m Andrea!

I’m a seventeen year old high-school junior with a passion for photography, writing and anything bookish. I write blog posts on topics that interest me- books, movies, music, a dash of lifestyle every now and then and a lot of whatever I feel like writing in between. On this blog, you’ll find a large variety of posts- from books and bullet journals to lifestyle and mental health.

Here’s the thing: I read quite a lot. Fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction (but I’m not one to say no to some good non-fiction)- and, most of the times, I get a blog post out of the reading experience! I love reviewing books and sharing my thoughts on their intricacies. Of course, since I want the review to be as genuine as possible, I guarantee that I’ll honestly speak my mind.

I have plenty of interests- you might relate to a few! Firstly, I’m really interested in the study of languages and am currently learning Korean. I’m also really interested in dancing (I’m self taught, though, so don’t expect much) and have taken a liking to stationery for a while.


Andrea’s Nirvana is an imaginative, positive corner of the internet, filled with happy thoughts and thoughtful posts. The aim I’ve had in mind since creating it is bringing a little bit of my creativity online and create a safe space for similar minded people to share theirs.

My hope is that this blog becomes as much your Nirvana as it is mine.

Take a look around, maybe you’ll like what you see! You can find the posts here, and the menus above will help you navigate. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, either on here or directly, via social media (they’re linked below).

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