Hi, I’m Andrea.

I’m a sophomore and an amateur photographer. I write essays and articles on topical matters I feel the need to express my thoughts on. Whenever the time is right, I review books, movies, TV series and just about anything that could use a review. Most importantly, I write about things that matter to me.

I read quite a lot- fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction, realistic fiction, drama and more- then select the titles that stole the spotlight and help you enrich your reading experience. The same goes for everything else I decide to review.

After I stumble upon an interesting situation, I look back on it and analyze it, only to share my conclusions on this blog. That’s how my essays and articles are born, little younglings that spread my thought process.


Andrea’s Nirvana is an imaginative, positive corner of the internet, filled with happy thoughts and thoughtful posts. The aim I’ve had in mind since creating it is bringing a little bit of my creativity online.

My hope is that this blog becomes as much your Nirvana as it is mine.

It might have been serendipity that brought you here, but you’re the one to decide if you want to stay. Are you up to the challenge? If you want to be a part of the community and be kept up to date, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter!