An Intriguingly Diverse New Release | Dead Of Night by Michael Stanley Spoiler-Free Review

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Release Date: 15th of July 2018

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Hi, friends!

Today, I’m coming to you with a review of a book that I got as part of a blogger tour! Upon getting this book, I was really excited when I read the synopsis- we have what looks like a compelling read with amazing diversity. Before we delve head-first into my thoughts, though, have my usual disclaimer that any thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own and that, despite getting this book as part of the blogger tour, my review was not influenced in any way. As usual, I’ll leave the poster below- let’s get started!

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When freelance journalist, Crystal Nguyen, heads to South Africa, she thinks she’ll be researching an article on rhino-horn smuggling for National Geographic, but within a week she’s been hunting poachers, hunted by their bosses, and then arrested in connection with a murder. And everyone is after a briefcase full of money that she doesn’t want, but can’t get rid of… Fleeing South Africa, she goes undercover in Vietnam, trying to discover the truth before she’s exposed by the local mafia. Discovering the plot behind the money is only half the battle. Now she must convince the South African authorities to take action before it’s too late, both for the rhinos and for her. She has a powerful story to tell, if she survives long enough to tell it… Fast-paced, relevant and chilling, Dead of Night is a stunning new thriller from Michael Stanley, author of the award-winning Detective Kubu series, introducing an intriguing new protagonist, while exposing one of the most vicious conflicts on the African continent…


I have to say that, since it’s one of the very first things I got in contact with, I really loved it. The red is very striking and I feel like it really matches the book- overall, great choice of a cover!

DEAD OF NIGHT Cover VIS_preview

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The writing flowed nicely and the pace was well-set. I really liked the plot twists and the way Michael’s disappearance (not a spoiler- we find out about it in the first 10 pages) seems to be the shadow lurking around every page corner. I have no complaints here! It was awesome.

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I had a bit of an issue with the main character. Every time Michael (side note: a character- not the author) was mentioned as being her friend, Crys would immediately think of the way they could be more than that, but not now seeing as he’s possibly dead. It got a little annoying after the first two times.

That being said, there are a lot of positive things to say here, that I cannot possibly overlook. The diversity was amazing and there was one character (the detective) that I absolutely loved! I also very much admire how the author was able to portray different sides of human beings, sometimes even with the same character.

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For the last few years, I’ve had a very close internet friend from South Africa. I might be a little biased here, but I loved to see the book mostly focused on that. Catching words I knew here and there, like braai (something similar to BBQ), was also fun.

Bearing that in mind, I thought the plot was very enjoyable. The nicely executed plot twists paired up with great writing made for a very good reading experience. I really liked it, even if occasionally stuff seemed to go too right.

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Despite some of my issues with this, I have to admit that it was a very entertaining read and the issues I did notice weren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. That being said, this book is going to be welcomed into the Nirvana!

one way ticket

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Did you read this? If so, what are your thoughts? Definitely sound off below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you fancy yourself this post, drop a like and comment and subscribe for similar bookish content.

Thank you so much for reading- I’ll see you on the next one!

Andie, out.

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