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Today I’m coming back at you with a blog tour post! Today’s book is one that I absolutely loved- you’ll know all about it if you’ve seen my Goodreads/Twitter, I’ve been pretty much raving about it for a while now… I’ll leave you the tour poster right below so you can check the other lovely bloggers that are a part of it, definitely anticipate the posts! I’m dying to see everyone’s opinions.


Okay, now to actually get into the actual review!


“Langlands House is haunted, but not by the ghost you think.”

Augusta McAndrew lives on a remote Scottish estate with her grandmother, Rose. For her own safety, she hides from outsiders, as she has done her entire life. Visitors are few and far between – everyone knows that Langlands House is haunted. One day Rose goes out and never returns, leaving Augusta utterly alone. Then Tom McAllister arrives- good-looking and fascinating, but dangerous. What he has to tell her could tear her whole world apart. As Tom and Augusta become ever closer, they must face the question: is love enough to overcome the ghosts of the past? In the end, Langlands House and its inhabitants hold more secrets than they did in the beginning…


This was, naturally, the first thing I came in contact with- there’s only one thing I have to say here, and that is it is gorgeous. Minimalistic and pretty aesthetic, it definitely caught my interest- and then I read the synopsis, and I was sold, you guys.


rules (1)

I have only one complaint here, so let’s rip the Band-Aid right off- in the beginning (the first 50 pages or so, I’d say), some words felt a little off and too pompous for my liking. However, that quickly gets fixed and I was able to simply devour this book in three days- that’s really unusual for me for a 400 page read. Safe to say, I ended up loving the writing- really easy to follow, kept you intrigued and, to quote Edelweiss’ ratings, it had a high degree of couldn’t-put-down-ness.

rules (4)

I loved Augusta, although she turned out to be quite the problematic character- I think that’s what I loved about her. That she’s actually affected by the stuff she goes through- how human she is, in short. It’s the same with her grandma and it’s the same with Tom. I loved that they were really well-built, that they were so complex. I just really enjoyed reading this story from Augusta’s perspective.

rules (2)

The first thing I need to get out: it’s so original. Haven’t seen anything similar to it in the past and I didn’t know I was going to like the idea as much as I did, so that pleasantly surprised me. Another thing I enjoyed is how, although the book is over 400 pages, the plot never dragged. I admit that the book probably could have been shorter, but I really like the extra information we got? I would’ve been really cross had we not gone into detail with certain happenings.

When it comes to the twists, I have to say I anticipated the first one- it wasn’t so difficult to catch on, and there were major hints dropped. Didn’t make the experience less enjoyable because, again, it didn’t drag and there wasn’t too much time spent on stuff (we did spend just enough though, which was highly appreciated). The final plot twists, though? Oh my God. I remember telling a classmate that I was going to be mad if the plot twist I had in mind wasn’t going to happen. And it didn’t happen. But it ‘didn’t happen’ in such a great way, I am honestly so, so pleased with the end.

A thing I have to note here, though, is that the book was presented to me as being slightly horror, and it isn’t really? There are definitely some really enjoyable spine-tingling scenes that made me curl my toes in anticipation, but there is no actual horror in the book- which was more than fine with me. It’s definitely a Mystery, but certainly not a Horror.

rules (5)

A thing I have to note here and didn’t know where else to fit is that it took me a while to realize the action took place in Scottish Perth and not Aussie Perth- definitely keep that in mind if you decide to read this. Doesn’t have much to do with anything, but you’ll avoid confusion.

As far as ratings go, how in the world will I be able to do anything other than welcome this into the Nirvana? [for an explanation of the rating system go here] Really, really cool and enjoyable read that I loved way, way more than I expected. Definitely would recommend. Between you and me, I read an ebook but I’m tempted to actually physically buy the book… (yes, it’s that good!)

one way ticket

rules (6)

Alright, guys, that’s it for today’s post! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below; does this sound like a book you’d enjoy? Did I convince you to pick it up anytime soon? Hopefully, I did, because this really is an amazing book!

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you on the next one,


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20 thoughts on “Ghost by Helen Grant | Spoiler-Free Book Review

  1. Glad you enjoyed this! I love it when you read a book and can call it original because some books I’m finding to be a tad generic and ghosts how cool!

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  2. Terrific review! I enjoy mildly problematic characters for the same reason (they’re so human haha), and I’m glad the pretentious writing was fixed. Oh, and curious to know what made your toes curl; glad that it wasn’t the horror part as I can’t stand horror myself. 😉 Awesome breakdown!!

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