Update Post: July Wrap-Up & August Plans

Hello, everyone! Welcome to what is going to be more a rant than a post- hopefully still entertaining. I’ll be addressing #ABJ, further plans for the blog, what’s been happening in July (other than the bookish stuff I’ve been posting about) and my August plans!

Andrea’s Bookish July

andrea's bookish july

As you probably could tell, I failed at publishing a post every single day in July. I hit writer’s block after three weeks and couldn’t get myself to continue- it didn’t help that I was lacking inspiration and had been in a reading slump for the most part of July. However, I do think I succeeded at getting a lot of content out- which was the end goal of #ABJ- so I won’t beat myself up over failing the challenge too much.

Future plans for the blog

I’ve been talking about wanting to redo the aesthetic of the blog on my Twitter and I really want August to be the month I do that. Another thing I’ve noticed throughout July was my inability to catch up with the photography for the blog. I’ve figured out what I need to fix about my blogging habits, and I’ll focus to do that throughout August. After putting quantity over quality throughout July, I’ll switch it up.

Regarding the theme of the posts, I can definitely say they won’t all be bookish. Most of them will probably stick to that theme (since my passion for books never quite ends), but it was a bit stressful to me to blog solely about books for a month. I want this blog to be an outlet; telling myself I can’t post about anything but a topic, no matter how much I love it isn’t really cool.

What’s been happening throughout July?

A lot, actually- I’ve done a bit of volunteer work, which is always good. I’ve finished a summer project that’s been kind of bugging me- which is, yet again, very good since it was really stressful to me. July was also the month of discovering an amazing thing that popped up in my life- k-pop. I’m unashamed to say it’s been taking over my life (and I’ve been enjoying every step of this wild ride). If you want posts on anything k-pop (or music) related, make sure to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to provide.

My mum and dad also got me two amazing, beautiful books I can’t wait to read!


Throughout the entire month, I’ve been pretty lazy on the academic side. By the end of the month, however, I got my productivity streak back and I’m really happy about that. Usually, I get so little work done throughout my summer break and I just end up wasting it. Not this summer break, though! I’m really glad about that.

August plans & TBR pile

As I mentioned above, I was in a huge reading slump this past month. I only read the Grisha trilogy and its novellas- and I had such majestic plans! However, since August started, I already managed to finish Six of Crows and get started with Crooked Kingdom- I’ll try to make this month’s TBR more relaxed and give myself room to improvise.

Bringing you the titles I’m set about, I have:

  • Six Of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo;
  • The Divergent series by Veronica Roth;
  • Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years by Curly Martin;

And that’s about it! I’d love to read a classic this month and I really wanted to get back into non-fiction and science-fiction… I’ll try to make this month all about diversity, haha! Maybe I’ll even throw in a contemporary, who knows? I’m excited!

Thanks for reading! If you liked it, make sure to drop me a like or a comment and, if you’re feeling extremely kind, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter!

Stay lovely!



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