Underappreciated & Underrepresented Reader Skills

1. Peeking at the last page to see how much of the book is left without spoiling yourself

And yes, I know. There’s this wonderful concept called GoodReads that features the number of pages in a book, but the old fashioned way is way more thrilling. There’s nothing just quite like that adrenaline rush that floods in at the prospect of spoiling yourself. Is that sadistic? Maybe, but you’re in complete control, so what you’re really doing is strengthening your willpower.

2. Reading and eating

It’s a real skill, people. It’s extremely difficult to do anything while engrossed in a book, especially something that might permanently destroy the book [and your poor, fragile reader’s heart]. But, of course, the need for reading fuel is real- hence, sometimes it’s necessary to get up and eat. There’s nothing stopping us from reading, though.

3. Reading while on the underground

Or in any social setting, really. You have to train your features into indifference and not let your emotions spill in any way. No squealing, no flailing, no punching the nearest item [be it inanimate or a person] and no frustrated groaning. The acting skills necessary are on a high level, really.

4. Not bending the spine of a paperback

Alternatively, not losing the jacket of a hardcover. Here’s the thing, right- large paperbacks come with a stiff [yet incredibly weak] spine and hardcovers come with a protective jacket I honestly can’t get myself to have on the book while reading. It’s awful- it takes a lot of energy to be tolerant and not chuck it out the nearest window.

5. Getting over a reading slump

Ah, I’m somehow facing this right now. I think I’ve barely achieved 20% of my TBR for July. I really should get to reading- but here’s the problem: reading slumps. Nobody knows exactly what causes them or how they’re cured, but they mostly just come and go at their own will.

There are a select few, however, that manage to trick the reading slump away. I used to think I’m one of them, until I realized I can’t escape this reading slump that completely overtook me. It’s horrible.

Hope you enjoyed day twenty-three of #ABJ! As you probably noticed, I couldn’t catch up today. Hopefully, tomorrow’s the day. Not extremely likely, but it might happen. Either way, you’ll be the first people to know!

Let me know what you thought below and I’ll make sure to catch you on the next one!

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Underappreciated & Underrepresented Reader Skills

  1. hahahaha I do that all the time with books- you’re right it’s a masochistic thing cos I hate spoiling myself- I’ve gotten really good at managing to do this without seeing even one word on the final page!! Reading and eating is a challenge- but a totally worthwhile one 😉 I mean what’s better than a book and, say, chocolate 😉 hahahaha you are so right about the challenge posed by reading in public or on the underground. hahahahaa I love number 4! And yes, every reader should be given a medal whenever we get over a reading slump (and some kind of pick me up while we’re in one, cos we’re really suffering and people don’t understand!) This was ,literally the best post ever!!

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