On Passion

Note: I know I didn’t post yesterday, I was a bridesmaid at a wedding and it took up the entire day. As you might have noticed, this post does bear the time-stamp of 24.07.2017. Yes, that’s cheating, but I still really care about #ABJ. I’ll also recover today’s post tomorrow (hopefully), but for now, have this nerdy post that may not be necessarily bookish, but it still speaks of fun times.

What do you think of when you hear the word passion?

I, for one, think of a cup of tea drank in front of a floppy paperback- maybe read while huddled in a blanket. I think of the ah! moment of solving my way through a difficult math problem.

This past May, at the Apulum festival, my perspective on passion has been strengthened and widened. I’ve seen people who’ve been pursuing their passions for years previous to the moment I crossed paths with them. I had the pleasure to watch several lovely parties of reenactors.

As far as I’m aware, the truth about reenactors is that they’ve known their fair share of sacrifice over the course of the years. Sometimes, the involvement is noticeable and other times it’s not. No matter what, their work and passion all but demands involvement, interest and hard work. The routines they rehearse and the outfits they showcase have to be historically accurate- and a lot of work needs to be regularly poured into that.

They are volunteers that go out of their way to shed light on something they’re passionate about, with the help of skillfully crafted props and perfectly timed phrases.

Another truth: they don’t really make a steady income off of their hobby. Actually, most of the time, they find that an investment is required in order to get their costumes and techniques up to par. Often times, their passion had to be placed above plans of other nature- and the volunteers still chose to do their thing.

Why? It’s not money, we got that covered. It’s not the large amount of free time you get. So how does it work? What makes it tick?


Waking up early to go through certain routines. Cleaning the spots from the props used at a gig for several days in a row, because they know how much blood, sweat and tears went into crafting them in the first place.

It all comes down to passion and I think there’s a lesson to be learned from that.

Other than this, the over-all festival has been amazing. Highly educational, highly entertaining. It brought an international audience at the gates of one of the most wonderful cities in Romania and taught them its history. If you’d be, in any way, interested in participating, the festival takes part every year (2017 has been its fifth edition) on the 1st of May, in the lovely city of Alba Iulia.

I, for one, can’t wait for the next one to roll around!

Hope you enjoyed this little rant! As always, make sure to leave me your thoughts below. I’ll see you on the next one!



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