Quick Guide To The Grisha Universe

Hello again, guys! As you might have noticed, I’ve recently finished the Grisha trilogy. Now, as much as I was unimpressed by the ending, I have to say that the world fascinated me- I’m more than looking forward to reading Six of Crows, as I’ve heard way better things about it.

Out of sympathy for my fellow readers, I’ll hopefully solve a problem I’ve faced when trying to get acquainted with the Grisha universe- in which order do I read the books?

By conducting extremely thorough research, I have found four ways of going about familiarizing yourself with the Grisha universe. Note that I will bold the titles of the three novels in the trilogy.

#1: Reading them in chronological (Grisha-history-wise) order

This also happens to be the order featured on GoodReads.

  1. The Demon In The Wood
  2. The Witch of Duva
  3. Shadow and Bone
  4. The Tailor
  5. Siege and Storm
  6. The Too-Clever Fox
  7. Little Knife
  8. Ruin and Rising
  9. Six of Crows
  10. Crooked Kingdom

#2: Reading them in their publication order

Very similar to the chronological order, it goes as follows:

  1. Shadow and Bone
  2. The Witch of Duva
  3. Siege and Storm
  4. The Too-Clever Fox
  5. The Tailor
  6. Ruin and Rising
  7. Little Knife
  8. The Demon In The Wood
  9. Six of Crows
  10. Crooked Kingdom

#3: Reading them in the order I did

Not much to say here- I followed the chronological order of the trilogy, novel-wise and then I got started with the novellas in a random order. I have yet to read the Six of Crows duology but I am working on it.

#4: Reading them in your own, personalized order

I would only recommend doing this if you’ve been made aware of the spoilers and their locations- mainly, don’t read the companion duology before you read the trilogy that originated the universe- I’ve understood there will be a lot of spoilers. And don’t read a novella published after the novel before the novel, or you will risk getting spoiled pretty badly- plus, you might not connect with the characters as well.

In the end, it’s a wonderful world and it’s good to bring your own touch to it- enjoy the book, immerse yourself into it. Grab a snack and some water (or, if you’re like me, ice-cream and tea) and start reading! May your passing through Ravka be smooth!

Hope you enjoyed day sixteen of #ABJ! I’ll shamelessly leave my reviews (spoiler-free) and booktalks (highly spoiler-ridden) linked right here:

You’ll find links to shop the books within the posts linked above! Oh, and make sure to catch Leigh Bardugo on any of the socials below.

Thanks for reading!



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