Real Talk: Reading In Summer

As a mere European, I live in the Northern Hemisphere. That means that, during June, July and August, I have to deal with a certain bothersome occurring worldwide known as summer. Don’t flip and hear me out, okay? I know, there’s the summer break and more free time (if you, like me, have the blessing of still being in school). However, what else comes with summer? Sweat, a lot of warmth, everybody assuming you’re not doing anything with your time, sweat, boiling in your jeans, sweat and just general uncomfortable times.

I’m the first one to admit that I set unrealistic goals for reading. However, in summertime, that just reaches a new level. I just assume I’ll be able to juggle reading, volunteer work, trying to work out, doing some schoolwork and handling a blog. Haha, easy peasy! Anyone can do that!

Of course, that’s not true.

Wouldn’t it be just great?

However, I do have more time to read- and that’s pretty cool! Until, of course, I wind up in my usual reading set-up (of course, I have to replace tea with water because damn) and I realize it’s too hot to focus. I’m too sweaty and warm to read comfortably.

So what do I, as any other reader, attempt? Switching reading positions- that’s gotta work! However, roughly fifty switches later, I’m hit with the realization I won’t be able to read in such a preposterous weather, so I postpone reading. With the passing of time comes the arrival of evening, right? Evenings are cooler than mornings- way chillier.

Haha, not during summer! In summer months, the entire day is very warm. And sunlight lasts for way longer than during other seasons- which would be good (uh, natural light), if it weren’t for the warmth.

But that could be handled easily, really- just read before going to bed! However, if you’re like me and want to do everything during summer because you want to feel the least bit productive, you’ll probably feel very sleepy very early.

What does that get us? Approximately ten minutes of reading before having to go to bed, yay! Summer is just amazing, isn’t it?

And that brings this ranty post to an end! As you can see, I’m not really pleased with my reading progress this summer… However, I am happy that I’ve otherwise been remotely productive. Here’s today’s question for you guys: what’s your favorite season? Mine has to be autumn! It’s perfect for cuddling with a book, a blanket and a cup of tea without worrying you’ll turn into a puddle.

I hope you enjoyed day thirteen of #ABJ! Thanks for reading, and please don’t forget to drop a like, comment or subscribe to the newsletter for more bookish posts!

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7 thoughts on “Real Talk: Reading In Summer

  1. I feel like I get a lot more reading done in the summer than in the winter but I’m really not sure why that is. There have been a huge number of good books published this summer though which may be a contributing factor this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that’s really cool! I’m very behind on my July TBR… I tried overloading it and I really overdid it:)) I don’t know if I’ll even go through half of it haha.
      Andrea x


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