Siege And Storm By Leigh Bardugo – Spoiler-Free Book Review

“When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable.”

A few days ago, I published my Shadow and Bone review and separately, the booktalk. I was able to advance quickly into the trilogy and finished with Siege and Storm a few days ago- hence this post. Strap in and enjoy the ride!

Note: if you’ve read the book and are interested in the spoiler-ridden booktalk, find it here. Be mindful of the fact there might be spoilers for the first book below, although I’ve tried my best to avoid them.

Siege_and_storm (1)


We follow Alina and Mal as they run away from the Darkling. For a while, they’re happily and safely living all across the sea from the man of their nightmares. Of course, things get spiced up a little, new characters come into play and the Sun Summoner winds up back into her homeland. She finds that the Darkling has vanished from the Little Palace, but strangely, she still has visions of him. Faced with impossible tasks, she has to work her way through all the puzzles.


On this point, I actually liked the second book better than the first! I could see Leigh Bardugo’s progress through the way her words got me hooked and swirled reality so I couldn’t catch onto certain plot twists. I have no complaints here!


In this book I have found one of my favorite characters of all time- a certain person introduced as Sturmhond. He’s young, sassy, brilliant and quirky- what’s there not to love? In terms of characters introduced into the first book, a lot of everyone’s favorites come right back into the grand scheme. A character I’ve changed my mind about since the first book is Alina- she’s seen so much progress in this book. The potential buried deep was let out in the light- although it’s still obvious she’s still holding herself back. As for Mal, I don’t really know… He fell flat for me. I don’t really perceive him as a multi-dimensional character, so I haven’t really formed my opinions on him.


Honestly, if I were to say what didn’t sit right with me here, it’d be a spoiler. However, rest assured- the matter got fixed and the plot twist became believable after a second twist occurred. Weird, right? Throughout the book, there’s only one thing that made me turn my nose and have to power through- the before and the after. The change in points of view just didn’t cut it for me.

General + ratings

Altogether loved the book, although it was once again bordering on the idea of love triangle (if not even quadruple, which somehow is more believable in my mind, don’t know why). I gave it 4/5 on Goodreads, so I’ll have to give it an Exceeds Expectations/ four stars here, too.

If you’ve read the book and are interested in a booktalk, make sure to check it out! Shop the book here and catch the author on the socials linked right below!

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