Real Talk: Spoilers

If you know me, it won’t come as a surprise to you that I absolutely despise spoilers. “No spoilers, or-“ has become a become a part of my daily vernacular. Spoiler are the ultimate bane of my existence and I honestly believe that the people that go around sharing them like hot bread deserve the worst.

If you’re not already nodding your head in complete agreement, let me break it down for you.

Spoilers don’t do either party involved any good.

Imagine this: Billy spoils Lexi a book he knows she’s been reading (book she’s eventually reading in the very moment Billy addresses her). Lexi freaks out, launches some profanities and eventual death threats in Billy’s way and their friendship is now probably ruined. Billy- if he has any bit of humanity- will probably feel quite bad about himself and proceed to have a very sad day. Does anyone know any way of avoiding this? Oh, that’s right- Billy not spoiling Lexi in the first place.

They can turn a perfectly good reading experience into living hell.

Or, worse yet, make the person abandon the book altogether. It happened to me before and it’s awful. Here’s the thing: for avid readers, the time spent immersed in a book is special. If you’re going to go ahead and ruin it, you can bet I will abandon that book right away- as soon as the experience turns sour, there’s no reason for me to put myself through it. I’ve had times when a spoiler threw me head first into a reading slump and that’s definitely not cool.

It’s already hard to avoid spoilers as it is.

Since we’re living in the wonderful days of social media, an absolute quarantine will have to be instated to avoid spoilers when reading a book. Any other method I tried has failed- blacklisting tags on Tumblr? There’ll always be those punks not tagging their spoilers. You have no idea for how long I had to avoid Tumblr and Pinterest while waiting for ACOWAR to arrive in the mail. However, avoiding any interaction on social media might not be optimal- especially if you wouldn’t like for your followers to believe you mysteriously died. If you need to Tweet, just write it, post it and disappear. If you need to get that Bookstagram pic up, post it and be done. Don’t even touch Tumblr- it can’t happen. It’s basically spoiler planet. Learn how to deal with emergency situations and then handle them accordingly.

And lastly… it’s just not cool.

If you’re spoiling someone, chances are you’re fully aware of it and you’re doing it simply to be mean. And to you I say, trust me that I have no desire to share your sad life. And also, don’t breathe if you’re standing to less than ten meters away from me, as I’d very much like to forget you exist and live in denial for the next decade.

That was it for this little ranty post! Do you agree? Did I manage to get you to aggressively nod your head or whisper “yes” in the confines of your room? If so, make sure to drop me a comment with your thoughts, like it if you liked and, if you’re feeling charitable, subscribe to the newsletter and share this around!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on the next one!



11 thoughts on “Real Talk: Spoilers

    1. Couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly why I prefer writing spoiler-free book reviews- and if I do end up writing a booktalk, I make sure to flag it appropriately and immediately redirect the reader to a spoiler-free environment.
      Thank you for reading!

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  1. I definitely agree! There’s nothing worse than reading an amazing book that you somehow haven’t read any spoilers for yet and then someone comes up to you like ‘hey by the way…’ it’s so annoying!!

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    1. I totally feel you! I have this friend that just loves spoiling absolutely everything I read and it’s so frustrating! They even went out of their way for that once, since they hadn’t even read the book, but they still googled things up just to be mean…
      I don’t really get these people, really.
      Thanks for reading, however, haha!

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      1. I know, right? I try to keep a positive outlook on things, however- for one person mean enough to spoil you, there’s ten others that are going to fight that person for you.

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  2. Yes yes yes, I am with you.
    Darn the people who spoil stuff.
    Also; spoilers are not opinion free.
    I have a very strong negative opinion about the season finale of the last gilmore girls –
    but there is also people who loved it!
    It is just too influencing to listen to others when they spoil something.
    Literally, spoil something. Ugh.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more! The part with influencing is another horrible thing about spoilers- they’re going to take away the ability to have an honest opinion; you’ll always feel like it’s been tampered with. It’s horrible!
      Thanks for reading and sharing, Rainbow! You’re a peach 🤗✨


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