Why I Love Book Fairs

Remember that book fair haul post that went up last month? It was initially going to be this post, but then I abandoned it for some reason. Nonetheless, I decided to scrap the old draft and rewrite the idea. Enjoy!

You might think the answer is obvious.

And, to be completely honest, it is. I love books, so I am naturally going to enjoy anything bookish. However, there are a few reasons in particular for which I think book fairs are extremely entertaining.


For me, at least, a book-related event is one of the places I’ll be sure to find people with common interests. I’m not a picky reader, so it’s quite easy to connect with other book-lovers, regardless of the genre they enjoy most.


Look, it’s a fact. Books are expensive. If you, like me, are unable to control yourself when it comes to buying books, book fairs are going to be your thing. For example, I managed to find Wuthering Heights at around a pound!

More books at the same price. The greatest of deals, if you ask me. You’ll also probably be able to get that one aesthetic book you weren’t able to afford. I got my hands on an absolutely gorgeous edition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Book signings

You’re able to get books signed by their authors! As in, the people who wrote them! As in, the very people you fangirl over! Just how cool is that?


From book launches to authors’ panels, book fairs have it all! There’s something to do and like for absolutely every reader.

On this note, I’ll conclude today’s post in the hope you found it enjoyable! I’ll take this time to remind you I’m doing #ABJ on this blog, where I publish a post everyday in July! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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