Reorganizing My Bookshelves!

You might have noticed that I love having my things in order. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy organizing my things. That’s why I do it as soon as I get the chance. It’s settled, then. I love organizing my stuff. As you might have heard from an earlier post, I also love books.

From the title and the bit of info I just provided, can you tell what’s one activity that makes me very happy?

That’s it.

Organizing my bookshelves

I will now proceed to show you the shelves I’m proudest of and attempt to describe the thought process that played a part in the specific organization.

The Shame Shelf

Under this category falls one of the shelves at the very top of my bookshelf. It’s also the hardest shelf to reach. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all books, regardless of shape, size and color. However… These ones I just couldn’t stand. From Jules Verne, which to this day I regret not being able to get into (I might give them another chance, soon), to random books I got from relatives and for which I have absolutely no interest, this shelf is the one they call home.


The Has-Been Shelf

Not to linger too much on this one, it’s the shelf with the educational stuff I don’t really need anymore. Old exercise books, encyclopedias and so on.


The Translated Universal Classics

This is pretty self-explanatory. As some of you might know, I’m Romanian. Even though I’ve started learning English from a young age, it was only a few years ago that I’ve started reading in the said language. However, that wasn’t going to stop me! I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember. I’ve been reading for the sake of books, not for the sake of the language. Of course, over the years I’ve developed a certain affinity towards reading books in the language they’ve been written in, but in my early days, I’ve been reading translations!


Classics have always been a big thing for me, growing up. My mother and grandmother (mother’s side) are both quite taken with French ones, specifically. That’s one of the reasons why I have so many Alexandre Dumas books. Not that I’m complaining! Even though I’m not that big on classics right now, I know I’ll marathon them some day.

The Romanian Lit

Ah, the national pride. A little bit of my country right in my bookshelf. Honestly, until a few months ago, I remember I would go around saying I absolutely hated Romanian lit, declaring my uttermost hatred for it. Of course, since I love proving myself wrong, I picked up a book that completely changed my perspective. I kind of love it, now. Not just that book, but Romanian lit in general. I’ve found some great reads in between school required reading and personal bookish adventures. If I find any translations available internationally, I’ll definitely share them with you!


The Fantasy // The Aesthete

I had so much fun organizing this shelf! I think it’s my favorite one out of all of them! It’s the shelf containing more elements. The first one encompasses books (and the LOTR movie set). Books that fall under the fantasy genre, to be more specific (and a wild TABINOF, just because it fit the color scheme and I had nowhere else to put it). The second one brings the decorations into play! I have displayed a beautiful ballerina painting, a failed galaxy slime DIY, a Newt Scamander Funko Pop (which, fun fact, is the first Funko I’ve ever acquired), a Collector’s Edition Hermione Granger Wand, a beautiful goblet I bought during my first London trip and a tiny Balin collectible.


The Translated Fiction

Quite a handful of a shelf; I had to stack books on top of one another to fit them all! It has mostly standalones, although a sharp eye may locate Dan Brown’s books. He has a total of six published books, I think, out of which four are placed in the Robert Langdon-verse. There’ll be a new one coming out in September! Definitely looking forward to it!


The Mixed Fiction (aka the Oh-Boy-Do-I-Read-A-Lot-Of-Fiction one)

Part I– the Romanian translations. Just as I’ve mentioned about four shelves ago, I’ve been a reader for as long as I remember. Naturally, I own a lot of translation for popular fantasy series. Need I say more? A few examples are Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Narnia and Harry Potter- which I actually don’t have completed. I know, how do I call myself a book collector?! I did, naturally, read the entire series. Multiple times. In both English and Romanian. Yeah, let’s just say I was hooked for a long while.


Part II– the Fantasy part II. Again, quite self-explanatory. I have a few books I really like thrown (with love) in there- Lilly Singh’s How To Be A Bawse, Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, John Green’s Paper Towns.

The Classics

Although my collection of English classics is scarce, it has been exponentially growing! I’ve managed to acquire quite a few from my latest book fair, amongst which can be found a stunning edition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It was a bargain!


The Legends & History

I’m quite a sucker for mythology and legends. It’s like fantasy, only placed a long time ago and in which people actually believed for a while. I currently only own Greek mythology, but I’m hoping to fix that ASAP!

The Nerdfighters

Two John Green mentions in a single post? I must on fire! (that was the second Dan Howell reference for you, as well). This is a shelf I quite love. I had to mix three genres here, though. I had too little available shelves! I fit my sciency non-fiction in the left side (astrophysics, maths etcetera), my comic books in the middle and my (painfully small) Sci-Fi collection on the right!


The Cringe

While 13 year old Andrea might have argued with me, vampires aren’t really my thing. I don’t think they ever were- knowing me, I only read it because Twilight was very popular and I wanted to stick to the theme while avoiding being mainstream. Ah, the melancholy. I can’t go as far as saying I’ll never be in a vampire reading phase, though- I did find Deborah Harkness’ vision quite entertaining.


The Broke College Student

Packed with a catchy (yet totally inaccurate) title, this is like the Has-Been shelf with a twist that allows it to be trending on Twitter. It encompasses my collection of educational stuff I actually use, more often that I use the ones on the top shelf.


The Stationary

It can’t get more self-explanatory. It’s just stationary, with the occasional encyclopedia thrown into the mix.


To end this ginormous post, let me know what you thought below! How do you organize your bookshelf? Do we have a similar thought process? Let me know in the comments below!

Quick note before I leave you to your day- I’m doing ABJ on this blog, where I publish a post everyday in July, and today’s day one! Find out all about it here or on my socials, linked below.

I hope you enjoyed! Keep hustling x



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