How To Study Efficiently

Finals week is upon us.

So what is there to do? After weeks and weeks you could’ve spent studying and researching, you realize you only have a couple of days left. However, a couple of days’ worth is better than a couple of hours’ worth. With that in mind, take a few moments to remind yourself that you are in control of your mind. An optimistic perspective can really work wonders.


Step one: take a deep breath.

An overburdening amount of stress never helped anybody. Take a deep breath, grab a glass of water, straighten up and even go for a quick 3 minute stretching session. If meditation helps clear your mind, do that! Just make sure your brain is relaxed, engaged and ready for the next step.

Step two: make a list.

As a compulsive list maker, I found that writing things down can help lots; even with diminishing the stress! Seeing the problematic situation written down in a neat bulleted list will prompt you to finally face and handle it accordingly. Remember to write everything from research themes to coursework you plan on reviewing. No cheating! If you’re not honest to yourself, that’ll only increase your stress levels. Trust me, it’s not nice.


Step three: divide et impera.

No, but really- divide what you have to study in chunks you’ll manage in approximately half an hour. Try to group them as efficiently as possible, following an outline you’ve practiced in class. For me, that’s theoretical elements, examples and then practical bits. In that half-an-hour-ish, I try to fit what I’ve learned in a lecture that was otherwise one or two hours long.

Step four: treat yo’self.

Establish a reward system! It’s one of the best ways to keep you motivated and productive. To me, it’s watching 10 minutes of an anime episode (or, if I was able to study for an hour, an entire episode). However, make sure you stay true to your schedule! Don’t “treat yo’self” until you’ve finished your goals for the previously set time, even if you have to extend it a little! It’ll be the perfect opportunity to figure out how to manage your time better.


Step five: just get started.

Really, just pick that textbook up. Once you’ve started, it’ll be easier to keep going- there’s actually a chapter in physics that teaches this. Spoiler alert, it’s called inertia.

As a finishing note, feel free to adjust this little guide to your own needs and preferences! Best of luck with your travels in the finals realm, young Padawan! You’ll fair just fine.

Are you going through finals week, too? How are you keeping it together? Did this tiny postlet help? Let me know in the comments below!

Until the next one! Keep hustling x



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