what is minimalism?

noun: minimalism

  1. deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design;
  2. a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

definition aside, minimalism is different to everybody. to me, it’s a lifestyle that i’m working towards adopting- at least partially.

just like any other lifestyle, it’s built up around a few main elements.

mentality- declutter your mind

having a cluttered attic can lead to an even more cluttered house. zooming in on the metaphor, i found that a mentality that lacks any concept of prioritizing or getting rid of the unnecessary things will only lead to a chaotic, unpredictable lifestyle.

get rid of the unnecessary

this is one of the things i’m still working on. the unnecessary is anything that might burden, stress or wear you down. all of that can be traced back to negative energy which in its stead can follow as a consequence of certain pernicious people, situations or influences in your life.

values- living in the moment

the principles and mottos i try to take out of this journey all focus around selflessness and being more aware. just today, i chose to put my phone in my bag as i was walking home from school. instead of being enraptured by my phone, i looked around- i have to say i was amazed at the beauty of the bustling city and the vibrancy of the colors.

we live our lives hooked to one network or the other and life ends up flying by without throwing us a glance.


truth is, getting to this part was only a matter of time, as everyone seems to be more and more attracted to this side of minimalism. i try to use the aesthetic as a visual cue, a reminder. in that way, whenever i see a minimalistic design, the lifestyle i’m working towards starts shaping up in my mind and i feel more motivated.

as you can see, i’ve used only lowercases writing this post. it was indeed a deliberate choice, taken both for emphasis and aesthetic.

baby steps

getting to the point in your life when you can say you’re living the minimalist life isn’t easy- especially if, like me, you’re coming from a place of privilege. it’s a journey meant to make you realize that you are privileged and to help in humbling yourself.

give it a go, if you will. try putting your phone away when you’re outside for a little while. if you have to commute by foot, close your mobile data and put your phone on silent. take your surroundings in- they’re amazing.

thanks for reading this! i really hoped it helped. until the next one!

keep hustling x



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