My Liebster Award

Lately, everybody and their mothers have been tagging me to do this challenge (it’s actually only been four people, but that’s a lot for me). These amazing people have tagged me, so make sure to go check their posts and blogs out!


Thank you all very, very much! Now, I’ll leave my answers for last, because I’ll have 44 questions to answer… I’ll try to keep them as short as possible, I swear.

I nominate the following 11 people!

And here are your questions, folks!

  1. What five people (dead or alive, it doesn’t matter; I’ll grant you a TARDIS for this question) would you have at your dinner table?
  2. Photography or videography? Why?
  3. What are your favorite genres in books?
  4. If you could live anywhere (just one place) for a year, where would it be?
  5. Tell me about an insecurity of yours that you know is illogical but you still can’t get over.
  6. Go-to comfort food?
  7. What about music? Favorite song at the moment? Or band/singer?
  8. How do you feel about sports? Are there any you’d love to try out, but don’t?
  9. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
  10. What do you for fun?
  11. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Alright, hope you’ll have fun with them! Now, for my facts and answers… brace yourselves!

11 facts about yours truly

  1. This summer, I’d love to get several ear piercings;
  2. And dye my hair (again);
  3. I have some great plans for this blog, and I hope to achieve at least a few this summer;
  4. I love photography;
  5. I actually love math and am quite a science nerd overall;
  6. Which means that yes, I do enjoy school;
  7. The only TV show for which I have two posters in my room is Supernatural;
  8. I only recently watched Stranger Things and adored it;
  9. I bought my first three Funko Pops at the EECC last weekend;
  10. My TBR is longer than the list of books I’ve actually read;
  11. This blog was initially meant to be strictly bookish;


From Cassie, we have the following questions.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I lacked a hobby, really. And because I really wanted to practice my English more and I wanted a safe place to post my thoughts.

Where is your blog name from?

I spent hours choosing it, actually. Andrea comes from my name, obviously, and Nirvana came just as much from the unavailability of other similar nouns as it did from the fact that I really love the word, the ice cream and the band (and no, it doesn’t ‘smell like the only Nirvana song I know‘- I know a lot of their songs).

Do you still blog about the same things as when it started out?

Since my first ever blog post was an essay, not really. But I definitely plan on writing and publishing more essays throughout this blog’s journey.

What is your favorite book you’ve ever read?

Yikes, tough one. At the moment, probably Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It could also be a million others, I don’t know. If I love a book, it’ll become my favorite and if not, I’ll isolate it on the top shelves.

What TV show have you watched that you wish had never ended?

Stranger Things! And Sherlock, Merlin and many others.

What book series do you think should have been turned into a TV show?

Percy Jackson And The Olympians? I didn’t really like the movies… I’d love to see someone do a great job out of the books!

If you were given the chance to do anything in the world what would you do?

Basically all the things on my bucket list. I couldn’t choose just one, not really.

What is one movie you think never should have had a sequel?

Percy Jackson. The books, 10/10. The movies, as I previously said, were a bust. And The Hobbit, too. They honestly should’ve just kept to the book and disregard the extra characters and love triangle- they were a no-go for me.

What movie should have gotten a sequel but never has?

Fantastic Beasts! I know I’m technically cheating because we will get a sequel, but it isn’t out yet, so I’m allowed to use it as an answer!

What is your dream vacation?

Chillin’ in Middle Earth, as one does. Or London.

If you had the chance to go to space, would you?

Hello, hi, yes, you’re looking at one of the biggest SciFi nerds ever. Of course I would!

Now, onto itsthespicybean’s questions!

What is your favorite thing about being a blogger?

Being able to make an impact, however small.

What pets have you had (if any) and what were their names?

Just some fish when I was younger- I didn’t really name them.

How would your typical day look?

If it’s around the Olympiads, then I’ll basically wake up, go through a normal morning routine, get to the desk and start cramming for as long as I can. If it’s any other time of the year, it really depends.

Now how would your perfect day look?

100% productivity.

Which is your favorite room in the house and why?

I’m underage, so it’s my room.

If you could change one thing about who you are what would it be?

Thankfully, I’ve gotten in that mental place where I’m content with myself. At least right now. So, nothing, really.

How was your time at school?

I’m still in school, actually! It can be pretty cool if I’m interested in the subject that’s taught. If not, I do get a little bored. I’m also more on the introverted side, so as a not overly social human from the get go, I don’t have a huge group of friends.

What are the three things you’re most thankful for at the moment?

My family, this blog and my life in general.

What’s your favorite blog post that you have written and why?

Probably the very first one I posted, because I spent so much time on it. I really love it!

What was the last thing you cooked or baked and how did it taste?

Cous-cous! It was okay, just a quick thing I put together to take as lunch in school.

Who inspires you?

The wonderful human that is Lilly Saini Singh. Other than that, I try to find inspiration everywhere!

The time has arrived for Lucy’s questions!

How do you relax?

I get a book, a cuppa, a blanket and huddle up.

Where is your favorite place and why?

Someplace I can get to quickly would be any library or bookstore. Otherwise, London. I have some amazing memories and had some great times there.

What has been one of your most memorable experiences to date?

Again, my last trip to London. Or my first ever Comic Con.

When are you most happy and why?

I’m happiest when I’m doing something I love or when I’m my best self, from obvious reasons.

What is your biggest regret?

Not taking certain opportunities simply because I was afraid. Messing up others, once more because of my fear.

What do you love most about yourself?

That when I set my eyes on a goal and actually start doing it, there’s no stopping me until I made it.

What are you most passionate about?

Blogging, reading, maths… There are quite some things!

Who do you admire?

The wonderful human that is Lilly Saini Singh.

What are you obsessed with right now?

I’m actually just reading Lilly’s book, How To Be A Bawse! That’d be just the latest, my obsessions are many.

Why did you start blogging?


What era do you wish you were born in? 70’s? 80’s? And why?

I’m pretty happy with this era, actually! I feel like this is exactly where I fit in and like this is the place and time that can help me grow!

The last set of questions is upon us!! Susanne, yours are a-coming!

Do you have any pets? Which?

Answered! At the time I don’t have any!

What would be your dream trip?

Pretty sure I covered this one too!

Coffee or tea?

Don’t make me choose! It’s like making a parent choose favorite children!

What do you collect? And why?

Books, because 1) I’m a shameless nerd and 2) I love reading with my entire heart. And as of last weekend, I’m also collecting Funko Pops!

Where would you like your blog to go in the future?

Oh, I certainly do have some great plans. I’d love to go self-hosted! But firstly, I think I’ll want to fix my posting schedule. It really is very chaotic.

If there is one thing you could change about the blogging community, what would it be?

Most of the time, everyone is very friendly and helpful, so overall it’s pretty cool! However, self-promo can go a little too far sometimes.

What do you consider more important (and why): writing for yourself? Or writing what is popular?

Definitely writing for yourself; I think it’s more important because I feel like if you don’t like the content you’re putting out there, that thing will be detectable in the posts themselves.

Finish the sentence: Eurovision is _______

Something I never really got into, despite my country taking part in it every year.

What was your “silly childhood dream job”?

The basic teacher, I think. Or was it princess? Thanks to Grey’s Anatomy, I was pretty set on becoming a neurosurgeon for a while.

What do you have with you all the time?

A book, my phone and my ID.

Is there a song you can always listen to?

Looking back, I couldn’t say that’s true. My taste in music changes quite often.

We’re done!! And what a journey it has been… More than 1500 words! I hope you enjoyed- I definitely had loads of fun with it! If I didn’t tag you and you want to do this, go ahead and consider yourself tagged.

I look forward to seeing your answers! I’m quite happy with my choice of questions. Make sure to follow all the steps! Answer questions, list facts, ask questions and nominate people!

Until the next one!

Keep hustling x



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