How To: Read My Book Reviews

I have realized that the book reviews I’ve published have been all over the place. In order to change that, I have decided I need to organize myself for both yours and my sake. Below is the system I am going to use for the next reviews; however, I will not edit the ones I have already published (Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and Agnés Martin-Lugand’s Happy People Read and Drink Coffee).

I will use the next layout:

  1. spoiler-free summary (including the eventual trigger warnings);
  2. writing;
  3. characters;
  4. plot;
  6. general + ratings;

Rating system:

  • five stars: outstanding;
  • four stars: exceeds expectations;
  • three stars: acceptable;
  • two stars: poor / dreadful;
  • one star: troll;

Yes, those really are Harry Potter references. I’ve been a Potterhead since I was a wee seven years old, so I feel pretty entitled to using these.

If you’ve been following my Twitter, you’ll know I’ve recently created a Goodreads account! Make sure to drop me a follow if you’re also on there, in order to keep up with the progress I’m making on my reading. Short disclaimer, I’m not an English native, so a few of the titles will be in Romanian; I’ll try to change the book to its English edition after I’m done with it.

All that being said, look out for the next book review! It should be Agatha Christie’s Death On The Nile.

Keep hustling x



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