Week One of #MeditationMonth

A while ago, I made a challenge and told you guys I’ll be keeping a track of it. I did do it, but my blog posts got a bit out of hand and I wasn’t able to post it! That being said, I have reconsidered my choice and decided I can’t really keep you updated on here. However, you might find me tweeting about it. Continue reading to find out how the first week went!

A record of Day One and the challenge itself can both be found over here.

Day Two

What did I learn?

I learned that in Tao, you are simultaneously encouraged to use contradictory labels and stop using labels altogether. I learned that, for me, that means equality. I interpreted it as the fact that you are valid no matter what and no one can take that away from you.

A little beautiful something I used as food for thought is the apparent duality / paradoxical unity pair, which I’ve approached as the main focus of the book’s chapter. It motivated me to observe more and stop jumping right in an argument without paying attention to what’s being said (that should really help with my public speaking, as I was thrilled to realize).

Did I use any new props?

Yep, a lovely candle that I used as a point of focus so my gaze wouldn’t wander all over my room. Give it a try, it’s pretty cool!

Did I notice anything new?

Definitely. A little while in, I noticed a soothing and relaxing state wash over me. It was pretty neat, actually.

Day Three

What did I learn?

I think I got a semi-wake-up-call from this session, actually. It’s something I keep stumbling upon, and it might be the Universe telling me to reassess my life. Well, here I am: realizing that happiness isn’t a goal, it’s a path. The happiness you get from achieving something is temporary. However, if you see the bright side in the little things, that’ll keep you going.

Then, I learned that sometimes you have to let go of your desires in order to accomplish them. I’m still working on that one, actually. I know it’s hard for me, a European, to grasp the core meaning of Asian philosophy, but one can only try, right?

Did I use any new props?

This time around, nope. Keepin’ it simple: a glass of water, music, my book and a candle.

Did I notice anything new?

Yes, actually. My Saturday’s been a mess: I was only able to get things done this morning- for the rest of the day I cleaned my room up. Granted, it looks dashing right now (but I still have to tie up some loose ends- will do, tomorrow), but the fact that I got little work done really brought me down. I had great plans for the day. My meditation session helped loads! By the end of it, I was feeling a lot more lighthearted- which was obviously great!

Days Four & Five

I sadly did not have a lot of time for these two days- however, since I really didn’t want to miss them, I went for a quick five minute session where I reflected on where I will go from now, school-wise. I am involved in quite a few projects and I just wanted to sort things out a bit.

I didn’t have a lot of time, so I didn’t use any props whatsoever. It was just me and my brain for a quiet five minutes.

Days Six & Seven

What did I learn?

There were a few words of wisdom that really clung to me:

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing;

Love is knowing I am everything;

and between the two my life moves.

– Nisargadatta Maharaj

Such a profound quote, isn’t it? Quite brilliant, too. My mind also wandered to a problem that is quite common in today’s day and age: jealousy. I think I properly realized for the first time that jealousy comes from a place of displeasure and discontentment with oneself. In order to stop fussing over another you need to sort yourself out.

Did I use anything new?

Some baggy pants that were really comfortable, but other than that, no. The book, the candle, the tea, the same soundtrack and the breathing technique. Those did the trick for me.

Did I notice anything new?

I did! After the two days I missed-but-not-really, I knew I wanted to continue meditating throughout my life and not just this month’s time. I have found that I really enjoy it.

That was my first week of the #MeditationMonth challenge! If you want to give it a try, go ahead! There aren’t really any rules- just go for it and make sure you let me know!

Thank you for reading!

Keep hustling x



2 thoughts on “Week One of #MeditationMonth

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been trying to start a meditation practice lately. Also, all I could think of with your candle prop was the wii fit meditation game from forever ago?? Keep it up!!
    xoxo, Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You totally should give it a go! And about the wii game, I don’t really know what it’s about, I’ve had a PlayStation growing up 😀
      Thanks a million, though!
      Keep hustling x

      Liked by 1 person

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