March Favorites

As you might know, I’ve been wanting to do this for the entirety of March- well, here it is! A compilation of my March favorites. I can say that for me, the last four weeks have made for quite a good month. A lot of new products in so many categories that can be blogged. Beauty, books, tea- all that jazz.


In March, I have been absolutely loving a total of four beauty products. The first one is Yves Rocher’s Sensual Silky Body Balm in the coconut flavor. The smell is absolutely divine and it feels so nice on the skin! I’ve actually had it since February, but I had to include it in this month’s favorites!


The second one is the KIKO Radiant Fusion in the lightest shade- 02 Sand. I recently got this baked powder and I’ve been loving it since the first swipe of the brush. It works with my foundation (Double Wear Estée Lauder also in the lightest shade I could find- 1N2 Ecru) so beautifully! The packaging is also really, really beautiful, sporting the classy black box and silver container- I’m in love.

The third one is the absolutely amazing KIKO Extra Sculpt Waterproof Mascara. I got this in the same time I got the baked powder and while I wasn’t really into it at first, I don’t think I can go back now. It applies so nicely and the eyelashes look amazing! And, of course, there’s the packaging, which is a classic black with a gorgeous, kinda metallic blue touch.

The fourth one is the Miss Sporty Kohl Kajal liner; one that I’ve had in months but only warmed up to this month. I’m using it on the waterline- still haven’t really figured out any practical way to use it. I love the way it makes the eyes appear bigger- it looks very beautiful matched with the mascara.



This month has been marked by the amazing A Court Of series (A Court Of Thorns And Roses and its sequel A Court Of Mist And Fury) by Sarah J. Maas- I read the two books in a week and a bit while somehow juggling school and some extracurricular work. I am positively obsessed and I just cannot wait for the third book to come out (May the 2nd please come faster)!


Sooner or later, I might write a review on them- there’s definitely a lot to say.


March has been quite a good month for me, tea wise. I’ve tried out a few new assortments, my favorites being: Twinings’ Gunpowder Green Tea, 5 O’Clock Tea Time’s Strawberry & Roses Rooibos and Twinings’ Jasmine Earl Grey Tea.


I mostly go for the green tea when I’m feeling super healthy or when I’m meditating, but I’ve felt the need to spontaneously drink green tea all throughout the month. I used to hate green tea! And now I can’t get enough of it!

Next up, Twinings’ Jasmine Earl Grey has been one of the few assortments I went back to- I’ve been simply mesmerized by the flavor’s richness.

When it comes to the Rooibos, this tea was my first go at Rooibos tea and it went pretty great! It’s a light tea that works with whatever meal you want- breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack- you name it!

I hope you likes these- tell me your thoughts below! Did you try any of these yet? Are you planning to give any of these a go?

Keep hustling x



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