Beauty And The Beast – Movie Review

Beauty And The Beast is a centuries-old fairy tale that has been notably adapted for screen, stage, prose, and television over the years.[1]

I’m pretty certain you’ve caught wind of the new Disney live-action remake of the 1991 animated film that was just released on the 17th of this month. After a few months of patiently waiting, yesterday I was finally able to watch the movie.


The movie focuses on Belle, a quirky bookworm from Villeneuve. We follow her as she rescues her father, bravely exchanging places with him in a terrifying Beast’s dungeons. If you’ve watched the wonderful animated film back from 1991, you’ll go into the theatre knowing what’s going to happen. However, that doesn’t do anything to diminish the experience.

Characters & Cast

I was pretty pleased with the casting choice for most of the characters. The one that got me very excited for the movie was, obviously, Emma Watson. I really loved how she played Belle! She was able to bring a spark to the character without coming off as over the top. The message she puts out is quite inspiring, too. I had gone through the whole movie without realizing Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor were in it, though. It’s safe to say I nearly jumped off my chair at the end.

I do have one complaint in regards of the casting: no matter how much I loved seeing Luke Evans in the movie (and he does have some amazing vocals going on), I don’t think he made a good Gaston. I just couldn’t bring myself to hate him throughout the first half of the movie- and I know I should have! He’s too lovable for the part, really.


Again, Luke Evans was way too lovable for Gaston. But I loved the acting so much! Emma Watson as Belle flowed so naturally, Dan Stevens as Beast was a good match and Josh Gad as LeFou was just brilliant! Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor made for a breathtakingly funny pair: Lumiére and Cogsworth, respectively.


The movie was realized splendidly! The special effects, costumes, sets; all of them stayed true to the original in a way that I consider both satisfied the Disney veterans and sprinkled some originality for the new audiences.


The movie is a musical, so it definitely does not disappoint when it comes to the soundtrack. The songs are, as far as I know, exactly the ones from the animated film. The soundtrack is, simply put, beautiful. Some voices and lyrics are soft, gentle and aesthetic while the others can definitely rile you up.

General & Ratings

The movie was really nice, funny and entertaining! I had gone into the cinema with huge expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed at all- that’s a decisive five stars from me. It’s a cozy, soft, beautiful movie- the kind of movie you’d watch with some mac and cheese and a cuppa. Definitely appropriate for the whole family.

I definitely recommend watching the movie.

Hope you enjoyed this review! If you watched the movie, leave me your thoughts below! Do we agree on everything? Do our opinions differ? If you didn’t watch it yet, what’s the thing you’re most excited for?

Thank you for reading!

Keep hustling x


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