The #MeditationMonth Challenge

What is it?

Quite simple. Yesterday, I tweeted about having a go at meditation. I decided to take it to the next level. This is a challenge I have just created, fueled by the wish to reach self-awareness. It consists of four weeks of daily meditation. Today, for me, is day two. Let me tell you how day one went.

What did I use?

I went crazy on the props, to be honest. Green tea (Twinning’s gunpowder assortment), ambient music (this one- it’s pretty soothing and it didn’t distract me), self-development book as food for thought (Dr. Wayne W Dyer’s You Become What You Think About– I could rant for hours about the Taoist lifestyle), 7-11 breathing technique. It was quite satisfying.

Other than that, though, you really only need around 10 minutes and a quiet, airy space.

What did I learn after the first session?

I started with the very first chapter of the book, synced with Lao Zi’s first verse. Dyer’s book is build around Lao Zi’s Tao Te King 81 verse philosophy. You can find an online translation of the ancient text right here.

What I got from the first verse is that you might sometimes need to destroy your finest work in order to better the one of lesser quality.

How will I keep you updated?

I won’t be updating the blog daily on the progress (unless something very exciting happens and I just can’t hold it in) but you should be able to track it on my twitter. However, I am planning to keep a journal of this month’s journey, so I might write weekly updates.

Feel free to join in on the challenge! You don’t have to go for the full four weeks, you can just go for a week or a few days; adapt it to your schedule. You also don’t have to go big, like I did; there’s no need for green tea or any specific food for thought. Do it however you want- and if you don’t want to, don’t do it!

However, if you do want to take this challenge up, consider yourself tagged and make sure to let me know how it went!


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