Feels Like I’ve Been Taken Into Questioning| 20 Questions Book Tag

Time for a tag again! This time, it's the 20 questions one- let's start with a lovely thank you to Kat and Noriko for tagging me (yes, it did happen ages ago, and I'm only doing it now, but is anyone surprised? you shouldn't). I haven't found any rules and/or creator, so if anyone reaches them, please give a shout so I can properly credit! Without any further ado, let's get started!


This K-Drama Almost Made ME Cry! | Goblin Spoiler-Free Review

Today I’m coming back to you with a K-Drama review. Prior to actually watching it, Goblin had been on my list for ages, and everyone kept pushing me to watch it. This is actually part of the reason I only watched it this late in the game- if you’ll push me to watch/read/listen to something, I probably won’t. Oops? Let’s get into the review!

An Intriguingly Diverse New Release | Dead Of Night by Michael Stanley Spoiler-Free Review

Today, I'm coming to you with a review of a book that I got as part of a blogger tour! Upon getting this book, I was really excited when I read the synopsis- we have what looks like a compelling read with amazing diversity. Before we delve head-first into my thoughts, though, have my usual disclaimer that any thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own and that, despite getting this book as part of the blogger tour, my review was not influenced in any way. As usual, I'll leave the poster below- let's get started!

I Met Sebastian Stan And It Was AWESOME| #AIFF Storytime

Although epically late as has been the habit lately, I’m here to tell you about the time I met Sebastian Stan. To summarize: it was anxiety, jumpiness, joy, joy, joy. He came to Romania for the Romanian premiere of I, Tonya as part of the American Independent Movie Festival and I, alongside many (literally, there were people from all over the world there) fans, got the chance to meet him. It was amazing. But let me get into detail.

The K-Drama I’ve Been Watching Since Fall| Come Back Mister Spoiler-Free Review

Today is the day for yet another K-Drama review! Now, this one is The K-Drama™ you might have heard me mention a couple of times, saying I have been legitimately watching it since last autumn. I wasn’t exaggerating; last autumn is when I started it. And then stopped. And then tried to continue but got confused. And then started again. And so it just kept going round and round in circles.

Theories For Infinity War 2: The Good, The Bad And The Dirty

I know it’s been a hot minute since Infinity War came out, but I think I’m finally ready to be seen and heard talking about it. I’m finally starting to recover. I know there already are 384593 (an approximation) articles similar to this and also others to confirm or infirm certain theories, but I wanted to put my own perspective out there and get chatting about this. Let’s get started!

COBAB Is Amazing: Change My Mind [Only You Can’t] | 3 Days 3 Quotes Tag [Day Three]

Today, we’re ending the 3 days 3 quotes tag with a quote from one of my absolute favorite latest reads- Tomi Adeyemi’s Children Of Blood And Bone. If a review isn’t up yet, one should be up very soon (editing Andie's here dropping by tell you it's up! check it out). One last time, a huge thanks to these lovely peeps: Nina @ The Cozy Pages, Kelly @ Another Book In The Wall, Elle @ Of Midnight Ravings and Adri @ Books And Roads. Let’s get started!

Anime Has Some Awesome Quotes, Too | 3 Days 3 Quotes Tag [Day One]

Today I’m bringing you another one of the tags I’m epically late for, which also happened to be one of the tags I was most excited for. You see, I don’t collect quotes, even though it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve recently (meaning: two days ago) started to do so, and so I thought- why not finally write this tag? With a huge thanks to:  Nina @ The Cozy Pages, Kelly @ Another Book In The Wall, Elle @ Of Midnight Ravings and Adri @ Books And Roads for tagging me to do this, let’s get started.