Ghost by Helen Grant | Spoiler-Free Book Review

Today I’m coming back at you with a blog tour post! Today’s book is one that I absolutely loved- you’ll know all about it if you’ve seen my Goodreads/Twitter, I’ve been pretty much raving about it for a while now… I’ll leave you the tour poster right below so you can check the other lovely bloggers that are a part of it, definitely anticipate the posts! I’m dying to see everyone’s opinions.


A WILD SHEEP CHASE: Book Review | Guest Post ft. Camillea Reads

I always find it hard to write a review for works like Murakami’s, never knowing if I interpreted the book correctly or had missed it completely. Needless to say, whether the book impacted me deeply or now, I find myself drawn to the grey whimsy of his prose. I’ve often commented that reading Murakami’s works feels like you’re floating away in a strange dream. You never emerge quite emotionless. Murakami’s writing is like the tickle of goosebumps - unexplainable, never quite real but it hits.

This Time Next Year Tag Repackaged | Miscellaneous

So, fun fact, I was supposed to have written and posted this by the 26th of March… only I kinda got caught up in homework, K-Dramas and reading, and that didn’t end up happening. It’s here now, though! Let’s pretend it’s on time! Here’s how this works: one year ago, I wrote a post setting some goals for the following year. You can find the post here. It’s mentioned in the rules that I need to check in a year after publishing that post, so here I am! I’m checking in.

Wakanda Forever! | Black Panther Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Not even gonna try to lie about it- prepare for a bunch of gushing. I finally watched this, and I sure have some thoughts! Side note, this won’t follow the format of my book reviews- since it’s a movie- but I’ll adapt it to fit! I hope it’s not confusing. Oh, and I’ll try a new way to deliver the rating. Let me know if you like it! Let’s jump right in.

Circle: Two Worlds Connected | Spoiler-Free K-Drama Review

Welcome to the first K-Drama review on this blog! I mentioned a while back that I wanted to branch the blog out into more stuff I like, and that happens to also include K-Dramas! Circle, the one I’m reviewing today, is the first one I actually finished, but it’s not the first one I started (I kinda DNF-ed that back in 2017, but I will be starting it again soon). Today is the birthday of one of the actors, and I couldn’t not post this right now, despite the fact that I was supposed to post my Black Panther review first… Agh, I can’t say how much I loved this! Let’s get into the review.

How I Plan To Read The Shadowhunters Chronicles In Order To Avoid Spoilers | Bookish Things

Inspired by a video of Emma’s @ Emma Books, I have decided to set this guide here explaining how I plan to read all the books in the Shadowhunters universe. Let me just preface this by saying I am so grateful I found this video after reading City of Glass because it prevented me from heading right into the second part of TMI without having any idea that I was going to get some major spoilers for Cassie Clare’s other works.

Romance Fails In Fiction Tag | Bookish Things

So, I have been tagged by the lovely Kat @ Life and Other Disasters (never mentioned it but tbh the name of the blog is hugely relatable) to do the Romance Fails in Fiction Tag! Thank you so much for tagging me! Okay, so turns out I have way more romance fails than I expected?? I actually hit 10 pairings; it seems a lot of ships disappointed me... Oops?